Advanced Pectus Course 2017

Cureventions Team Attends Advanced Pectus Course

PHOENIX, AZ – October 2017- The Advanced Pectus Course had its 14th annual conference this fall at the JW Marriot, Desert Ridge Resort.  The course featured renowned faculty including Dr. Donald Nuss, Dr. Robert Kelly, Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski, Dr. Frank-Martin Haecker, Dr. Lisa McMahon, Dr. J. Craig Egan, Dr. David Notrica, Dr. Mark Molitor, Dr. Raj Singhal, Dr. Todd Nowlen, Dr. Devin Puapong, Dr. Cindy Bauer, Dr. Daniel Miller and Dr. Matt Thomas. ‘The two day course included lectures and hands on lab. The lectures included important thoracic topics, procedure updates, techniques to improve outcomes, and tips for overcoming difficult problems from the leading experts in the world. Improved post-operative pain management strategies for shorter hospitalization and multi-modal pain control to reduce readmissions were also discussed.’

CEO, Joseph Pongratz and Biomedical Engineer, Courtney Willson attended the conference not only to participate as Cureventions exhibitors , but also to learn more about the condition that they work so closely with every day. “Listening to the passion and knowledge that these surgeons have for medicine and learning about the world of Pectus was incredibly educational. The only way we can create a solution is to understand the problem, which was the main focus and goal in our two days here.” says Willson.

Joseph Pongratz demonstrating and explaining the technology of the Pectus emBrace to Dr. Donald Nuss and Dr. Robert Kelly.

Pongratz and Willson also took the opportunity to showcase two of Curevention’s products, most prominently the Pectus emBrace. As one of the newest products of the Cureventions line, the Pectus emBrace was developed to treat patients who have Pectus Carinatum. However, the approach uses the most comfortable and discreet bracing method available on the market to achieve higher patient compliance and ultimately shorter treatment times. The orthosis gained an overwhelmingly positive response from faculty members and is expected to set a new gold standard for Pectus Carinatum bracing systems throughout the world. “We met with doctors from Mexico, Switzerland, and throughout the United States that were absolutely thrilled with the brace’s design. We are so excited to reach these markets and offer this innovation internationally.” says Pongratz.


In addition to the Pectus emBrace, the team also presented Cureventions’s flagship product, the CurVest, which is now available in a series of pediatric sizes. Regardless of size, all CurVest products provide full-torso medical grade compression, which assists in post-operative recovery through stabilization of the thoracic region. Due to the attendance of surgeons who regularly perform thoracic procedures on conditions such as Pectus Carinatum/Excavatum or rib fracture, the Advanced Pectus Course provided the perfect environment for educating faculty about the added benefits of an external postoperative support. The patients undergoing these surgeries would highly benefit from the CurVest through aspects such as an increased recovery time and a lower chance of hospital readmission.


Photographs courtesy of Dana Gibbons Photography – Advanced Pectus Course 2017. 


The team plans on attending the next Advanced Pectus Course in Fall of 2018.



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CurVest Z- New Side Zipper Design

Easier Thoracotomy Dressing Changes With New CurVestZ

FEATURED: Profile view of CurVest Z

PHOENIX, AZ – July 2017- Surgeons and nurses asked and CureVentions listened. The newest post-operative vest, the CurVest Z, features easy access side zippers for effortless thoracotomy dressing changes.


The CurVest Z still comes equipped with everything that the traditional CurVest has: double adjustable shoulder straps, a frontal hook and eye closure with a padded zipper, a stay-put waist band, full torso compression, JP drain tube holes, dual keeper pockets, and fabric treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, the newly added option of full length side zippers on the CurVest Z makes those hard-to-reach thoracic wound dressing changes much simpler.

The zippered design is simply brilliance, coupling functionality and accessibility. One of the top complaints from hospital staff regarding post-op compression garments is that patients are often relatively immobile, causing dressing changes to be challenging and time consuming. That’s why the CureVentions team revisited the drawing board, establishing the CurVest Z. 

FEATURED: CurVest Z with fully cushioned side zippers and hook and eye closure

The CurVest Z was designed to make dressing changes as convenient as possible without the hassle of full vest removal. Outfitted with additional side hook-and-eye closures as well, the compression remains that of medical grade and fits snug to the torso for guaranteed patient stability and security. Learn more at

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CureVentions Launches Pectus emBrace™

Newest Pectus Carinatum Brace Revolutionizes the O&P World

PHOENIX, AZ – March 2017-  After two years of research and development, CureVentions officially introduced their newest innovation for pediatric patients diagnosed with Pectus Carinatum- the Pectus emBrace™. The Pectus emBrace™ is transforming the current bracing method by integrating a one hundred percent non-metal system with a remarkably low profile design. The brace also claims exceptional comfort, which leads to extended wearing time and ultimately accelerated treatment times.

“We wanted to challenge and improve the current bracing method while still using compression as our means of correction.” says Joseph S. Pongratz, CPO, FAAOP, and Founder of CureVentions. “The Pectus emBrace™ does just that and we are thrilled to introduce an innovation with kid’s comfort and treatment in mind.”

Due to its maximal comfort and sleek yet effective design, patients have continuously seen great results in virtually no time. The metal free nature of the device adds to its success in that children can maintain full mobility and participate in physical activities without any restrictions or ever having to remove it. “The more comfortable the brace, the more it is worn, and the quicker the overall correction is.” says Pongratz.

Patient ‘John Smith’ visited a Pediatric Surgeon in December of 2016 and was told that his Pectus Carinatum required surgical treatment. With the Pectus emBrace™ and four months time, John’s visual prominence improved in its entirety, notably enough to conclude his treatment. His success – along with several others – is not only a profound stepping stone for CureVentions, but also for the way in which all Pectus Carinatum braces will be designed in the future.

Image: Patient featured wearing the Pectus emBrace while partaking in physical activity.Courtesy of Pongratz Orthotics & Prosthetics

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